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The (free) VST Amp Sim thread

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Noticed some people asking about these and thought its own thread wouldn't be a bad idea.

LePou Plugins
SoloC = Soldano SLO
Lextac = Bogner Ecstasy
Lecto = Mesa Rectifier
Hybrit = Marshall
Le456 = Engl
Legion = Original design
X50 = Peavey 5150
X30 = Engl e530
BOD = Sansamp
They also have a Very nice Tubescreamer

This is the best vid of the X50 I could find, this is NOT the current version of the plugin, the current version you can switch tubes 6550, kt88, 6l6, or el34 AND change the bias etc.

Nick Crow Lab

Acme Bar Gig
AcmeBarGig - Affordable and Free Amp and Cab Modeling Suites & VST Effects
I can't say I use these often, but I do have a bunch of VST's from them just in case i'd need them for something and they don't sound bad, I just prefer the TSE and Poulin stuff. You can download a whole bundle of Acmebargig VSTs here:
Shred 1.0 :: Free VST Amp Suite | AcmeBarGig
(Actually, this is the new one I don't have and am downloading now :lol:)
(Skip to 2:50 into vid to hear)

Ignite Amps
Guitar Amp Modeling • View forum - Ignite Amps
These are all original amp designs (to my knowledge) I also like their Tubescreamer because of the extra controls, but I think the TSE sounds better (matter of apples and oranges).

AuraPlug VST PlugIn Site
Just found this company, they've got a bunch of freebies and their non-free products are very cheap, they've got one amp and a BUNCH of pedal clones, including a (free) whammy, and they also have a RAT (not free). :yesway:
Using amp sims in Reaper
Make sure you are set to Asio driver or you will more than likely have very bad latency issues.

I'm going to make this as easy and simple as I can.

FX List (top to bottom)
1)TSE 808 is the Tubescreamer, this is optional but I recommend it to tighten things up, I don't use much gain, actually the gain is usually on 0 or 1, but the level is almost full and the tone is tweaked to my liking.

2) This is where the actual amp sim head goes, in this window i'm using the TSE X50.

3)Impulse loader, I recommend the newest LePou loader, you can load many different impulses and A/B them to your liking. I often mix two different cabs with one cab at 80% volume, the other 20% volume.

4 & 5) This is where I like to put my EQ and Compressor, these are optional of course

6) Noise gate, I recommend this because these (as well as PODfarm etc) often create a lot of unwanted noise.

Hearing your playing:
See that red arrow I drew? Click that button right beside it (looks like a speaker to me). You will now be able to hear your own playing on that track. Click it a second time to only be able to hear yourself on that track while the track is armed for recording, and click a third time to turn it off. I highly recommend clicking it twice so you don't forget to turn it off when you record multiple guitar tracks.

Once you've done this, you're all set. Just tweak your settings to your liking... there is a LOT of stuff to fool with and tone experiments are always fun. :metal:

Heres another pic for good measure

Here is a clip of some of these VST amps/Impulses:

Not my best work to date, but the guitar tone sounds fairly decent.
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Hey thanks Swedishfish!!!!

These are awesome I pumped to try these out!!! The Baron amps are pretty cool, and if the Solar is anything like the "Satan" this should be good stuff.
Hello I wanted to ask two things here.

First and foremost, are you the REAL Beezow Doo-Doo?????

Second, does anyone know of any new amp sims that are free and can do metal well?

The original list is a couple of years old so I just figured I would ask.

When I plug in, none of these sims sound like they do in the videos at all. (I did not know until now about the hpf and lpf on Lecab, I will try that)

But im not even close, when I try Le456 it sounds like Doo Doo (no pun intended doo doo) and on the video here it actually sounds good :( Any other tips besides lecab hpf?

I am not the actual Beezow, but I am the one and only beezow of this forum. I once tried to have it changed to something else and was denied, so beezow I remain. :lol: Just keep tweaking man, it could be the IR's your using too, some are really good and some are not so good.
Well I must say the Baron sim kills any of the others I have tried and I have used many.

It was an immediate good tone.

I did like the Randal "Ola" sim at first but after a few minutes i noticed it was very mechanical and un-natural sounding.

I only tested with EZ drummer so it could be different in a real mix but for me, so far.

Baron for the win!!!!

PS I am facebook friends with the real Beezow haha.
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I was trying to download the tee but it wouldn't let me do u no wat i would have to do
I'm not sure what the tee is. Do you mean TSE?

Any Sim that I use I click download link, save as to my desktop, open with WinZip and extract to my vst folder.

I use Reaper and end result is getting the .DLL file to desired location.
Pretty awesome new version of TSE X50 is coming with integrated tubescreamer, cab loader and guitar FX rack: TSE X50 v2.0 Full Stack Amp Sim in the Works | OSIRIS GUITAR
A free Krank Revolution VST is out: pvdhp7 | Just another site

The modified version sounds way better.
A free Krank Revolution VST is out: pvdhp7 | Just another site

The modified version sounds way better.
This Russian site has been putting out some really good stuff recently.
So I'm interested in trying out some of these sims. I've downloaded off the russian link above, but it only comes up as a text file on my macbook. Am I missing a program that would open said files or are they not Mac OS friendly?
So I'm interested in trying out some of these sims. I've downloaded off the russian link above, but it only comes up as a text file on my macbook. Am I missing a program that would open said files or are they not Mac OS friendly?
Refer to the first post....they are plugins, and you have to have a DAW of some sort to host them. Basically, download Reaper, put the files in your VST/plugin folder and load them in the DAW.
post edit:

lepou amp and cab sims are in. But the amp sim does not seem active - no tone change when I add it to fx chain (using reaper).

No idea how to solve this, and my brother isn't sure what the issue is either. I have restarted the program a few times.

Thanks for your help guys :yesway:
I have downloaded lecab, but it doesn show up in my VST list despite being in the same folder as the lepou amp sims. Also I have added the hybrit to my effects chain, but the sound hasn't changed. I imagine I have missed a step in monitoring.
Did you refresh your plugin list? Sometimes you have to for new plugins to show up. As far as the hybrit not being on, i'd probably need a screenshot. It could be as simple as the power button on the VST not being on though...I know lecab loads turned off so you have to click the power button to enable it.
So I have the amp sim working, but only on playback - not during monitor mode prior to recording. I am also in the process of getting those cab impulses and learning how to load them into lecab. (that folder list is a beast!)

I have my interface (scarlett 2i2) set to direct monitor with no actual monitors connected, and I think that is where the issue re: amp sim during monitor lies.

I recorded with the amp sim on, and it was clearly working.

Cheers :)

edit: turned off direct monitoring, everything seems to be working as it should. Now I need to learn how to dial this whole beast in haha.
Haven't tried them yet, but found these free ones: boxsounds - vst
Haven't tried them yet, but found these free ones: boxsounds - vst
Those aren't amp sims. :scratch:
This new Ignite sim fucking rules.

KVR: Emissary by Ignite Amps - Amp Simulator VST Plugin and Audio Units Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X

Look at this thing.

Comes in Windows and Mac btw.
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AXP Flextron

About a month ago I have released a new free VST amp sim, the Flextron:

It is based on Crate Flexwave amp series and VOX Cooltron low-voltage tube circuit model. It's got embedded reverb and cab sim, which of course can be bypassed. In general it's a very flexible high-gain amp with some nice break-up tones as well.

This piece of software was made for KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2014 which ends today! So if you'd like to support freeware developers, there's still time to have a look at a couple of entries and vote for those you like.

And here is a short sound sample:
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I am having some sound problem with using VST amps.
Everything sounds fine when I play guitar but when I stop playing instead of silence I get this irritating high pitched sound.

How can I remove that ? Maybe some other plugin ?

And here is PIC of all VST I used in Reaper. I get same problem with every amp i load.
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