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So, the guys at my guitarist's house were talking about this film, 'The Human Centipede.' They got it, and were watching it... I watched some of it.

Talk about FUBAR, Literally.

One image.

Yes. ATM, surgical train style. :barf: I saw Splice (pretty damn good, BTW), and this made Splice look downright tame in comparison, and Splice has some scenes in it... yeek.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Well...that looks...completely fucked up :eek:

I have 0 interest in seeing that. But kudos to the guy for following through on a really messed up idea for a movie :lol:

I'd hate to be the guy who talked to the investors when they finally saw the movie :lol:

I didn't realize that "Splice" was from the same director as "Cube"...I might want to see that one.

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I remember seeing the trailer and going :spock: :ugh:

Seemed just kinda like "torture porn" in concept, like Saw and Hostel... not sure if I'm looking for something like that.
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