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The Nikon D3000 DSLR Thread

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Just ordered mine, will be here tomorrow, and I assume I won't be the only person owning this rig in a month or two, so here's a thread. :yesway:

My plan is to take it out shooting this weekend with just the kit lens (so I'm not jaded) and fire up a thorough pic-laden review.
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Yeah. :lol: I don't go shooting much in the winter, because a) it's cold as hell up here, and b) I spend most of it in stinky ass deserts that I've been to 200 times and hold zero photographic value to my eye. I didn't even bring my P&S to Vegas last time.

Now that the nice weather is here, I'll definitely get out more. And after a winter spent skipping the gym and eating mexican food 3x a week, I could certainly use the exercise. :lol:
Taking a few bullshit pics, then resizing them to 1024 in PS.

I should really just upload them fullsize, but they are ~2.5MB each. (I might do that anyway).

This is auto, no flash, no VR, in a relatively dark room. (F3.5) I just walked up to it, stuck my hand out and hit the shutter.

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The sky isn't really overcast, but it's dusk-ish (eg: not very blue). This pic would be 100% better with a polarizer on the lens, but anyway, here's full auto. Walked outside, turned *** on, took pic. (Basically I'm not setting anything up/using a tripod).

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Same shot, different angle, lens not getting washed out.

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I have to charge the battery now. :lol: I'll get some better ones later with VR on and such, and upload 'em full rez.
It's going to be beautiful out tomorrow, so I plan to get up early(ish) and head to a local state park and fire away.

I am a slave to the polarizer, but I'll do what I can to leave it off for most of it. :lol:

All in all, the D3000 + a 16MB card was just over $500 shipped. That's about $200 less than I paid for my original Rebel XT, retail.
how dinky is this camera by the way?
Not dinky at all. It's the same size as most other DSLRs.

Wristwatch for scale.

:lol: ^^ whoops, high ISO.

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You and your passion for crazy ass old shit. :lol:
Couple of pics. UV Haze + Polarizer.

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Nice shots dude, the second one is awesome! :metal:
Damn thing took me about half an hour to shoot. As soon as I pulled up, all the wind went away. :lol:

You need a proper website btw, Thom. Your stuff is just outstanding.
30" Exposure, forgot to take my polarizer off. :lol: Nothing fancy, just popped it on a tripod in front of my house, and waited for a car to come down the road.

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Sweet, now GTFO of the D3000 thread. :wub: :fawk:
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