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The Nikon D3000 DSLR Thread

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Just ordered mine, will be here tomorrow, and I assume I won't be the only person owning this rig in a month or two, so here's a thread. :yesway:

My plan is to take it out shooting this weekend with just the kit lens (so I'm not jaded) and fire up a thorough pic-laden review.
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shrug it works fine lol, I'm thinking about getting a newer 35mm SLR then getting a digital companion for it. One bad thing about the 7000 is it goes through batteries like nobody's business :lol:
I dunno, looks kind of dinky to me :lol: I need a quieter camera, this one wakes the dead, the shutter and the AF are loud as hell :lol: so I just manual focus all the time. One time I took it on a school trip, one of the photography guys (who is a canon guy gave me the "holy hell thats loud" look when I took a pic. :lol:[/IMG]
An actual physical fucking old school shutter is pretty fucking loud, dude. :lol:
Couple of pics. UV Haze + Polarizer.

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Damn it Chris. Now I really want one. :(
Nice shots dude, the second one is awesome! :metal:
Nice shots dude, the second one is awesome! :metal:
Damn thing took me about half an hour to shoot. As soon as I pulled up, all the wind went away. :lol:

You need a proper website btw, Thom. Your stuff is just outstanding.
Considering this now, and I've been reading a few reviews on it.
In most reviews it's been up against the Pentax K-x and been on par on most things.
30" Exposure, forgot to take my polarizer off. :lol: Nothing fancy, just popped it on a tripod in front of my house, and waited for a car to come down the road.

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nice :yesway: my G6 only goes up to 15 sec and F/8 makes it kind of impractical for that kind of stuff
Simple, but very nice pic Chris! Trails of light : :yesway:
Holy shit it's Akira.
It's a really old anime with motorcycles and shit, there's light trails on fucking everything :lol:
google Kaneda's bike and you'll see :lol:

also I just won a Canon 1D Mk 2: just say no to dinky cameras :lol: By the end of the year I will probably get a 1D Mk 4 for no good reason at all :lol:

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Jealous :squint: I've been looking at the Mk-II and Mk-III for sports shooting since they've dropped in price a bit with the Mk-IV's release...interested to know how you find it :)
Yeah, the IIIs are like 1700-2000 which isn't too bad compared to the IIn.
Sweet, now GTFO of the D3000 thread. :wub: :fawk:
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