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I'm in this club too, but not by much

- Ibanez RG2027
- Ibanez RG1527
- Ibanez S5470tks
- Schecter Hellraiser Avenger OFR
- Gibson Les Paul Studio
- LTD Alexi 200
- Fender Acoustic

Trying to offload the Schecter but no takers.

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Scheter Loomis
Schecter Blackjack
Carvin Bolt T
A cheap Ibanez I probably should give to some kid learning to play
A cheap acoustic I've had forever I barely ever play.

· I dislike Porcupine Tree.
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Charvel something something (shit licensed trem, lots of fret wear).

LTD MH-1000

Jackson DKMG(with the passive EMGs) on loan from a friend because he didn't feel like lugging it to New Orleans.

12-year-old Washburn acoustic.

Crate Blue Voodoo/Mesa 2x12.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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