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I feel like I'm the only one that plays these here :lol:

So instead of a thread for each individual game, I figure we'd get more replies if it was just all in one thread.

So I just picked up this:

I've been wanting a great baseball game for a long time. I played ball as a kid and I've always been a big fan of baseball video games. I picked up The Show 10 last year, and while it was a beautiful game and uber realistic, I found baserunning and batting cumbersome.

This game, MLB 2k11 from 2K Sports is simply a fun game. It's a simulation, not arcade, and while it lacks the graphical polish of The Show, I think it's way more fun to play. The batting and pitching are outstanding, especially the pitching with the analog controls. I didn't like the analog controls for pitching a few years back when they introduced it, but it's down to a science now and really fun to play.

With batting, this is maybe the first game I've been able to really draw walks and up opposing pitch counts. Check swinging is not really working this year, but defensive swings to get quick foul balls works beautifully. It's also a neat tool for extending pitch counts.

So yeah I dig it. I chose it over The Show because to me it was simply more fun.
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