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After using it for a few days.....

Metro applications, IMO, are atrocious compared to their iOS and Android counterparts. Evernote is nearly useless, Netflix is cumbersome, and most apps seem to have this great love of side scrolling. While subjective, I friggin hate it. Kindle app is not at all ideal on the 16x9 aspect ratio, and again this seems to be another fascination with Win8 tablets; 16x9. It's (again in my opinion) a horribly awkward aspect ratio for tablets, and while its somewhat forgivable on the nexus 7, it's really awkward on the larger 10.1" Thinkpad. When held vertically for typing, the device just flops back and forth, despite its relatively light weight. Also, I shouldn't have to side scroll to read a friggin web page. This isn't the day of VGA monitors.

So that brings us to using x86 apps. Difficult and tedious is the best way to describe it. Targets are just too small, seeing as how they're designed for a mouse cursor. Studio One handles recording tracks fine (though not much in the way of VSTi's, due to lack of power), but actually working within the menus is terrible.

Even doing business work in Office 2013 Pro took easily twice as long as it would on a laptop.

IMO Windows 8 tablets are a compromise. You either have the power/weight/battery life of an iPad but with the ability to run x86 apps (Thinkpad 2) or you have the power and cost of a MacBook Air, but the crappier battery life and higher weight, both of which negate the usefulness of it as a tablet for me (Surface Pro).

On the software side, Metro apps I've tried are simply terrible (when they're even available) and regular desktop apps range from inconvenient to use, to downright maddening.

It'll be interesting to see how the space develops, and I keep an open mind. But Win8 tablets are destined for the same niche as all Windows tablets before; medical or other areas that just MUST run x86 apps on a tablet.

It was positively refreshing to go back to my iPad, and that's even while I continue to use and enjoy my Win8 desktop with Logitech T650.

At this point, I'd rather have a powerful desktop at home and an iPad for field audio work. If not for audio, then Android is great too.

I really thought having a full Win8 PC in such a tiny package would be amazing, and I tried to love it, but much like Van Halen's album with Gary Cherone, I could only fool myself into loving it for so long before reality set in.

Again, this is all the opinion of one man, not a one size fits all review. But they're just not for me. Not yet, anyway.
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