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This is the number one song in the country

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This is terrible. :noway:
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1 minute in, and it is consistently getting worse and worse. That's impressive.
Exactly what I'd expect from anyone associated with the Black Eyed Peas.
Oh My GOSH? :facepalm:
The musical commentator on NPR this morning was making fun of that, actually. He said something along the lines of Wil.I.Am not wanting to alienate that last 2% that would get offended by "Oh my God", in his effort to make the song as popular as possible.
I seriously do not understand why this is number one. It never even gets settled down. There is no way the mindless drones that go to dance clubs are going to be able to get started dancing to this, let alone keep dancing. There are a few spots here and there, but those are almost like a tease. It's like Usher is singing over complete randomness, and speaking of his singing, he never really lets loose, like he's know for. The whole song is constipated. As pop music, it is an utter failure.

Seriously, who is buying this garbage?
I posted it because they were talking about it on NPR this morning. I figured it couldn't be as horrible as they made it out to be, and boy, was I ever wrong. I expected merely boring. :lol:
Waste of money, studio/engineer time for sure
Considering how much money it is rolling in right now, I don't think the label thinks it is a waste. :/
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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