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This may have been the song of the decade.

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I don't know if you guys had listened to any of Jason Becker's new record, "Triumphant Hearts."

Within that beautiful record, there was this song that spoke to me more than any of the songs.

Based on the lyrics and singer (Codany Holiday) delivering such a passionate vocal that delivers the lyrics Jason wrote.
I adore Codany's voice, it is gorgeous.

I just find this song very inspiring in hard times and just hearing Jason's story through it. I find it very touching and it leads me to tears quite often.
Life is becoming a little hard recently and this song seems to shine through the darkness. I think he is pushing for this to be nominated for a Grammy too. I hope he gets the chance.

Hope you guys enjoy it and have a Merry Christmas.

Here are Jason's words:
This is my story, and in a way, everyone's story. Life - we are all just trying to be happy. People are baffled that I can be happy after almost 30 years with ALS. Even I sometimes wonder how it is possible. This song is the simple answer. Most of this video takes place in my mind. I am talking to myself, looking for answers, thinking about the past and some of the people I love, and it all comes out in music. ~ Jason

When I was young and full of wonder
The universe was tender
Every dream I had would come true
Music was my worldview
Hearts fell at my feet
Each breath was so sweet
Life was complete

Now the past is over
I was cut down much too soon
I can't speak, I can't play
But this flesh has much more to say
I wave good-bye
To yesterday's highs
Life has other plans

Love and confusion
Peace and destruction
What is the point of it all
Why must we all feel small
Our hearts are not toys
We just want real joy
Life's just a dream

You ask me this question
Due to my unfortunate fate
How can you carry on
Without feeling hate
Love brings light to the darkness inside
Love's the voice that sings "hold on!"

Hold on, hold on
Hold on to love

Hold on, hold on
Hold on to me

Music & Lyrics written by: Jason Becker
Produced & Arranged by: Jason Becker & Dan Alvarez
Mixed by: Reto Peter at The Teahouse, Oakland, CA
Andrew Jay: Intro guitar solo
Daniele Gottardo: All other guitars
Codany Holiday: Lead vocal
Background Vocals: Codany Holiday, Bryan S. Dyer, Larry Batiste, Ashling Biscuit-Cole, Luq Frank, Omega Rae, Tammi Brown, Geechi Taylor, Kimiko Joy, Alison Lewis
Dan Alvarez: All keyboards
Matt Bissonette: Bass
Gregg Bissonette: Drums
Video Directed by: Mike Sloat
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet footage courtesy of Kino Lorber
Assistant Engineers: Adam Muñoz & Danny Buttitta
Assistants: Matt Easton, Ehren Becker, Dave Lopez, Mike Bemesderfer, Serrana Pilar, Marilyn White, Pat & Gary Becker, Elizabeth Quiroba-Holt, Steve Hunter, Matt Blackett.
Background vocals recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
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That voice! That is a "touched by God" level voice, right there.
That voice! That is a "touched by God" level voice, right there.
Amen. Tremendous voice.
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