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Time for the hardware swap! Xiphos is gonna get BLACKENED!

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Will update as I do it. It's dawning on me with every second how big a job this is, with the restringing and setting up of two guitars I've got to do once they're swapped over, too :lol: I'm so slow at this shit it's not even funny...

UPDATE: RG stripped!

UPDATE 2: Xiphos stripped!

UPDATE 3: Xiphos blackened!

UPDATE 4: Xiphos restrung and set up!

UPDATE 5: The RG465m be-chromed!

Excuse the shit pics, it's night time now so no natural light. Will take some boss pics tomorrow during the daylight with Ryan's spiffy SLR :D

I must admit, even before I did the swap, I thought to myself "the xiphos will look badass, but the RG will probs look shit" but I didn't care, because the Xiphos was the main point of this whole exercise.

However, I think the RG also came off looking better than before thanks to this little endeavour. Chrome looks classy on primary colours, cheap on black. I think the opposite can be said for black hardware, honestly (good on black finishes, cheap on colours).
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So if you keep the RGR, can I have the dimarzios when you eventually swap them for EMGs? :lol:

Can't wait to see this done though. :metal:
Hahaha no, I won't be EMG'ing this one!
Hahaha no, I won't be EMG'ing this one!
I'm fairly certain you say that with every guitar. :lol:
Yeah but I've only ever actually done it to one so far, and that's the Xiphos :lol:
No I really genuinely love the D'Activator in the RG, it's perfect for the guitar.
Needs a black toggle.
And black sharkies.

And black frets.

and a black logo.

and black binding.
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And a black heart.
And Wesley Snipes in funeral attire to play it.
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Just put the chrome on the RG, and I must say, it looks fucking awesome :agreed: Very Satch!
Just put the chrome on the RG, and I must say, it looks fucking awesome :agreed: Very Satch!
Dude. TOTALLY correct choice to make that hardware swap. :yesway:
That turned out great on both counts :metal:
Win win
Wirelessly posted :)sponge:)

Yep, that's how they both should look from the factory, IMHO. Huge improvement.
How comfortable is the Xiphons to play? I've never seen one at the store or anything to try out. Can you sit down and play it or is it a stand up only guitar?
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