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If you're unfortunate enough to have a latex paint stain on your cab, and pride yourself on having clean gear, I have the just the thing to get that shit off like a boss. As Barry White once said, "A beautiful woman will never get into an unmade bed, and drunken sluts will go down on the guitarist with the cleanest cabinet".

So here we have a wayward 2x12 with some home latex on it that's been there a while. You don't want to pluck it off, because you risk marring up the tolex.

All you need, friends, is a little isopropyl alcohol! :flex:

Rub it away, toss a little clean water on there to get the alcohol off after (so it doesn't dry out). Voila! All clean and ready for it's date with my Carvin power amp later in the week. :vince:

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