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Tom Brady involved in car wreck

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Pardon the sensationalist title, that's what it was linked as on CNN. The Minivan got freakin' trashed, but his Audi looks like it was in a fender bender. :lol:

WHDH-TV - Tom Brady involved in 2-car accident

OSTON -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a two-car accident Thursday morning.

The accident reportedly happened on Commonwealth Avenue and Gloucester Avenue near Brady's home around 6:15 a.m.

Brady was described as "pretty banged up" but refused medical treatment, according to 7's Joe Amorosino.

According to Amorosino, Brady had to be extricated from his vehicle after it ran into a minivan.

Brady will be further examined by Patriots' medical staff, according to Amorosino.

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I heard this on the radio...they had to use the jaws of life on the mini van
so what happened? Was Brady drunk driving or just driving like an ass?
Actually neither.other dude ran a stop light.
Brady's buying the other person a car anyway, even though they were at fault. I guess the dude that hit him had a pretty long history of bad driving.

:lol: @ Vince's Brady hate assuming that The Chin was at fault though. 'F the Cardinals! :fawk:
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