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Vacuum tubes, specifically. :leon:

I tested every one of these for circuit integrity, plate dissipation and grid leakage with a Sencore TC 142 "Mighty Mite V" tube tester before I boxed them away. Every tube showed excellent results, no borderline cases, implying good life remaining. All were removed from my XXX 2x12 combo and my Mesa/Boogie Mark IV combo proactively and kept as spares. They're all in tube boxes, and I'll package them as best I can for shock-resistant delivery.

I'll ship the lot to you for $75. I'm sure this pile of tubes would cost $300 new or so. If I'm out of line, shoot me an offer, but I'd prefer to move the whole set instead of selling a tube here and a tube there.

6L6 power tubes:
4x Ruby 6L6GC
2x Winged C 6L6GC
2x Sovtek 5881WXT (Fender and Groove Tubes GT-6L6B, Mesa Boogie relabels them STR425)

12AX7 preamp/reverb tubes:
1x Electro-Harmonix
4x Ei

If you have an early failure within the first 3 months, I'll refund you some money sans the shipping fees which I expect to be ~$15.
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