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I have to watch this. It reminds me of something that I think was called Monster quest.

One episode was on giant rats in new york. Now, I'm not a priori opposed to the idea that with loads of food around and minimal predation, rats could get pretty big, especially if size is selected for over a few generations. Whatever. Go nuts. We're not talking about Elvis flying round in a UFO hunting unicorns here.

Then they get a witness on. Its a homeless guy, I think tripping balls on camera right then and there, he lives in the subway tunnels, and he says 'there was a giant rat, man, I was just sleepin' and I rolled over and there it was, big as a dog, and with glowing red eyes!'

The serious deep voice narrator narrates something like 'can it be true? Giant rats, with glowing red eyes, living right beneath our feet? Who knows for sure?' With a CGI giant rat, next to a dog, bright glowing demonic red eyes and everything.

At this point, I was in hysterics and hooked on the program.

In another they go through the whole episode apparently looking for a chupacabra that was killing dogs and making noises different to local wildlife. Turns out at least one puma had gone a hundred miles or so outside their normal ranges. And someone had a nice clear photo of it, and the attack wounds were all consistent with a big cat, and someone that heard the 'strange animal' was played a load of random animal noises and they identified it as some big cat or other. And they left all that for the last minute of the show, trying to make out that animals a little outside known habitat is just about as strange as chupacabras.
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