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hal sinden (vocals) & joe butterworth (drums) from interlock have formed a new band since the split. both have experience as signed artists and have toured the UK & US extensively as well as having performed at european festivals, with a number of internationally distributed releases to date. the new band sees hal transferring to vocals & guitar, joe continuing on drums, ewan from sredni vashtar on guitar and duff from no heroes on bass. talanas is based in london, although several members travel in from outside the capital.

- influences include: akercocke, morbid angel, evergrey, stam1na, gojira, scar symmetry, cynic, porcupine tree, necrophagist, meshuggah, mudvayne, immolation, tears for fears, dām, aborted, the police
- there is existent material which is currently being finalised for a studio recording shortly
- the general feel is progressive death metal, however not the style for keyboard solos (a la dream theater)

- the band have a slot each week at berry street studio in central london from friday 6pm until saturday 9am, this includes practice space, storage and full use of recording facilities
- currently, practices run from 7pm until 10pm every friday
- recording for first promo is penciled to start in approxinately 2 months at berry street with production from nathanael underwood (dam, candlelight records)
- label negotiations to follow with managerial representation from eulogy media ltd.
- 1st album to be recorded ASAP
- touring tentatively scheduled for summer '09, overseas gigging offers have now been received

- own hardware essential, although the band have a (coal powered) sampler if needed
- ability for sound & sample manipulation
- strong stage presence
- regular funds for upkeep of studio (this is an equally shared cost amongst all members)
- time / practice commitment (things are flexible at this stage, but will inevitably tighten)
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