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I have an old 2000 MiJ RG7421 that's been sitting around the house for a while now, I figured it's time I put a little effort into it and make it a real player. All the parts I ordered have finally arrived.

Lundgren "The One" pups
Hipshot Open-Gear Locking Machines
Hipshot Fixed Bridge
Dunlop Flush Mount Straploks (Black)
Switchcraft Jack
Schaller Megaswitch
Bourns 500k Log Volume and 500k Linear Tone Pots
.022uF Orange Drop Tone Cap, 330pF Volume Cap
22AWG Teflon Insulated Pure Silver Wire
Copper Shielding

Even got some silver solder for it, just because. I still need to order a new nut, though. When I take it apart I'm going to take a hard look at sanding all the paint off and refinishing. I figure I have no idea what I'm doing as-is, might as well jump in head-first and give it all a shot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts