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Urban Dictionary: Prius

Verb: to rage so intensely in a hybrid vehicle that you sport an erection (or penis-like enlarged clitoris) to the point of emission. Typically achieved after exhibiting excessively aggro behavior toward other environmentally-unfriendly vehicles. If the source stimulus, commonly a large pickup truck rollin' coal, is not immediately removed, emission or full ejaculation is imminent.

I throttled up the ol' Cummins yesterday and this clown next to me in his hybrid started to Pruis. I was rollin' coal all over his weak shit until he had to pull of into the shoulder to finish.

I dropped some black smoke on this bitch at a stoplight in her hybrid last week and she started Priusing. I kept feedin' her until she fired a femme-batch all over her upholstery.
the first few after are :lol: too
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