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I don't understand why aliens is the first thing people go to, when mankind has designed and created some pretty amazing stuff. As Mike said earlier, our own Air Force developed spy planes that appeared like alien spacecraft next to other aircraft of the time. Hell, the SR-71 still looks weird and futuristic, and modern stealth planes don't look like planes at all.
LOL at thinking "our Air Force", and "our government" are mankind.

Those planes were designed by reptilians.

I don't know if they were alien reptilians or "center of the earth" reptilians, but technically you have no proof those planes were designed by mankind.

It makes perfect sense. Why would mankind know how to design things that fly? Mankind doesn't fly naturally.

But you know who does fly naturally? Reptiles.

It's a shame Alex Jones had to be banned from every media platform and wasn't able to enjoy this historic moment with us.
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