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say i wanted to use the OD and lead channels on an amp but use a clean sound from a pod and bypass the amps eq.

is there an easy way of doing this?

this is for a friend

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I'd say an A/B box would be easiest, to split between the input of the amp and the input of the POD, then either run the POD to the effects return or direct to a PA, though, this method requires that plugging into the effects return and leaving the effects loop on won't turn off the amp's pre-amp from the signal path (so, most likely, a parallel effects loop is needed).

The other option, and really this might be even easier, is to plug it in the same way as above, but using a serial effects loop that's footswitchable, and splitting the guitar's signal to both inputs all the time. This way, if the effects loop is off, you're getting the head's pre-amp, and if the effects loop is on, you're getting the POD :yesway:

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If your amp has a serial loop, then yes!

You will need an A/B-splitter, going from A straight to the amp, and from B to the POD.

The POD-output should plugged to the Effect-loop-return of the amp!

switch loop on for clean!

EDIT: damn you ninjas.

EDIT 2: of course a SWITCHABLE serial loop is needed for this.
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