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For sale is a 1993 Pittbull Classic with 6band EQ. This is easily the most versatile amp I've ever played. 3 channels-spanky, bright cleans on the 1st, 80s crunch on the 2nd, and complete annihilation on the 3rd. This amp has more gain on tap on the 3rd channel than the newer CLX, and the best part is that it's ALL usable! The amp retains perfectly clarity and stays very quiet with the gain dimed at the hottest settings on channel 3 WITH an overdrive :eek: I currently have a clean tone dialed in that sounds like a sparkly JC120. The clean channel is also capable of richer, deeper cleans ala lonestar. I never spent much time on the crunch channel, but it will nail that vintage gibson/marshall tone PERFECTLY. The lead channel is absolute insanity...once again, huge amounts of gain and it all stays extremely tight, especially as you pump the volume up. The nice thing about the Classic/CLX is that they use EL34 powertubes instead of the KT88s that the UL uses. The result is still a tight sound, but there is a little more powertube saturation. This amp is still pretty tight and dry (and it sounds amazing at low volumes, especially in 50w mode.), but it sounds better and better as you pump the volume. Something about the way these tubes's gorgeous! I've only spent about 2 months with this amp and have not even started to tap it's is ridiculously versatile.

The amp is 50/100w switchable and currently has mint EH EL34s as well as Rubys in the preamp section. The amp also has 2 Pittbull G-100E speakers. Manual as well as tube info can be found here: functions.pdf COMBO.pdf

The Pitbull FC-2 footswitch will be included, and I will also throw in a set of casters for the buyer. Everything is in excellent condition-no tolex wear, no grille wear, it looks brand new and it's 17 years old! The footswitch has a few scuffs, but still lights up and functions perfectly.

This really is a rare, spectacular amp, and it pains me to let it go so shortly after acquiring it-unfortunately, due to a bad camber plate install on my car, my struts are busted and my tires are worn completely unevenly...I need to spend around $1200 for a brand new suspension and tires! :noplease:

I am located in Buena Park, California (90620). I prefer to be contacted via PM here, but you can also email me at [email protected].

$1250 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Price is not firm-offers are welcome. I will also entertain trades for other amps+cash. I will reasonably drive within the LA metro area to meet.

Please note that I will NOT accept paypal for this transaction, as the fees will take far too much of a chunk out of the payment. I am willing to compromise if the buyer will cover the paypal fees.

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