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Hey dudes,

I'm getting rid of my Ultralead, i just don't play it anymore. I love the shit out of it but why have something sitting around that you aren't using?

For those that don't know everything about it yet, it's a kt88 120 watt monster of a modern high gain amp. It has 3 channels, very nice sparkly cleans to super dry and mean gain. With a boost in front of it you can't get much heavier and awesome. It is also really, unbelievably loud.

This comes with the footswitch and a vht amp cover. Currently there is a bit of squeeling which means that one of the preamp tubes needs to be changed. I even at one point identified the tube but never ended up getting the replacement as it's not in heavy use. If that is deal breaker, i can always go grab a replacement tube and ship it along with the amp.

2200$ USD + shipping. or 2180 usd if you have the hurtbutt about the tube :D

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