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I'm looking for an original or reissue big-head '70s Stratocaster. For my budget, it's probably going to have to be a later '70s/early '80s (I think the last 3-bolt/big head Strats came out in '82). I'm ok with minor modifications (non-original electronics, maybe a well-done humbucker pickup routing job, etc.) and honest wear. Also interested in an AVRI '70s model. May consider a Japanese-made ST71/ST72 or a 3-Bolt Japanese-made Squier.

Preference for Black finish with Maple fretboard or 3-Tone Sunburst w/ maple or rosewood. Olympic White or red would also be nice. I'll consider other colors/finishes.

I have $1650 to spend at the moment. I could perhaps throw in some pedals to offset cost as necessary. I have a TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper, and a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah. Let me know if there's anything else you're looking for. I might grudgingly part with something else if it lands me the right guitar.

Located in Montana, USA. I know we have forum members all over the globe, and if you'll consider shipping, I'll consider buying.

Also, since I haven't posted here in a while, note that you can see feedback for me at:
eBay: rattlehead
the Gear Page: cossack cossack cossack
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