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Warmoth 28'' Baritone 7

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So has anyone played a warmoth 7? I'v been planning on getting another carvin neck and making another, but i'v been wanting an extend scale badly. I forgot warmoth has 28 inch necks for the 7's. I'm considering getting a neck and the body.
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Well fuck you guys then :lol:
I have a six string 28 5/8" neck on order. I'll post up thoughts and pics when I get it. It certainly looks like an interesting idea.

I'm thinking of going with a maple neck with a zircote board. Maybe swamp ash for the body.

So whats the deal on getting the body to fit the baritone necks from them. Do you have to specifiy and they will route the goods in position for the baritone?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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