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Watermelon anyone?

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I'v got mine, where's yours?

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I'm eating some right now. :D
You sir, are deemed metal!:metal:
I had to piss like a race horse after eating that whole thing
you ate the whole damn thing? :lol:
Yup! I'm not joking, i'm a melon enthusiast. I should start a magazine.:lol:

I find the seedless to not be as sweet and tasty as the seeded melon. I guess its a trade off for ease to eat, but once again, my mouth is naturally adapted for speed melon eating. Its science!
You know, I find that same thing, too. I actually don't mind a watermelon with seeds in them.
Just dont swallow one cuz you have a plant growin out of your... , well, you know :lol:
You must have had to take a serious :fullofit: afterwards... :ugh:
You know, alot of my friends have said the same thing, but it doesnt affect me any differently than anything else. I do have an iron stomach though.

Once again, its one of my natural melonman adaptions
And washing it down with dimatapp flavored Dr. Pepper :lol:
Thats the wife. And dimatap rules for the record :lol:
OH, MY, GOD. That is a thing of beauty :lol:
1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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