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crying in your beer
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We had a nice, nerdy, "Vintage"-evening yesterday! (pics & clips inside!)

ATTENTION: the "metal" content in this thread is at a very minimum!

So, a friend of mine started building amps a while ago, and his last order was a Soldano SLO-clone with some extras! And as he has to deliver this beauty already this weekend - we organized an "amp"-evening with a few people at short notice in our rehearsal room.

So here we are: 5 people, 9 amps, a few guitars, and mucho beers!

First of all: the gear:


Dobernig - SLO Clone (out of the headshell in the first pic sitting on the framus Cab)
Marshall JCM800 2203ZW
Metro "HOSS" - Plexi Clone (the violett one, sitting on the Marshall)
Dobernig Elisabeth (out of the headshell, the small one sitting on the Hoss)
Diezel Herbert
Epiphone Valve Jr - modified to death
Fender Blackface Bassman '64
Austrovox Bass 100
Mesa Dual Rectifier 3Ch (inside the flightcase, right under the Epi, Fender, Austrovox...)


Framus Dragon 412 (Vintage 30)
Krank Revolution 412 (Eminence Legends V12)


Gibson Les Paul R9 2006 VOS ( :drool: )
Ibanez JEM
LTD Horizon
Cimar Strat
Ibanez RG7420 (not on picture)
Schecter C7 (not on picture)

and also, one of the guys had a Zoom H2 recorder, and we did a few clips of the try-out! sadly, most of the clip more than the last Metallica record - so, we already agreed, that we have to do another amp-evening, this time on a weekend, with better recording equipment, MORE beers, and then also more HighGain stuff, and more Cabs! This time we tested all through the Framus Cab, as it has the typical "V30" sound, most people are aware about!

Again - we recorded this very fast, without much testing, an with a Zoom recorder, so quality is "meh", and also 50% cannot be published because they are only clipping-noise. we will provide better clips next time, promised!

So, here we go:

Dobernig SLO-clone

Dobernig based this one on the SLO as close as the customer wanted but with some specials - i do not know exactly what exactly they changed in, but from what i can judge, not that much. Its been ages that i've heard a SLO in persona, and my ears where not as "trained" as they are nowadays. What it has extra - a switchable/bypassable GOOD loop (the orignal one seems to suck from what i've heard), external BIAS-points, the Warren Haynes-Mod ("bright-cut"), and "No-Load"-resistent (so your output transformer does not fry when you forget to plug the speaker cable).

Hearing this amp for the first time was FUN. Dobse did a good job imho on this one - i mean due to the lack of an original SLO we couldnt A/B, but i dont even care how close it is, as his clone sounds nothing but amazing! It does have a real "crushing" presence, if you crank Gain/Treble/Presence, but due to the Haynes-mod, with "normal" settings, the low mids roar! Also this amp is DEAD silent. Damn, my Diezel really is quiet, but this amp aes you recheck if its on the whole time! And he did a good job with the sensitivity of this amp. Altough its not a One-Channel-Amp, you raelly can traet this thing as one - if you check the smaples, be aware that this is the Gain Channel, with Gain around close to 12:00 - and everyting else is controlled with the Volume pot of the guitar! Oh, and this amp is 5881-loaded, and we ran it on 50W with 2 tubes pulled.

Ibby JEM - SLO
LTD EC - SLO - Higher Gain

Next up:

Marshall JCM800 2203ZW

Zack Waylde Signature, limited edition, handwired, 6550 tubes, ... well, and propabyl the best 800 i've ever played. Really, i immediately loved this amp!

Hear my shitty playing (i am definitely NOT used to 6 string-guitars anymore, and you hear that haha) with a LTD Horizon HERE.

and see me unable to handle the small 6string neck, here:

And hear a much better player with an Ibby JEM, the second part on this is with a clean boost, click HERE.

Metro "HOSS" Plexi

A Plexi. As close as it gets tonewise, but with a bypassable Master Volume, so if you bypass the MV, you got Plexi pure, but for lower Volumes and flexibility you can bridge in the Master Volume. I love this one, and especcially when Hal plugged the Gibson R9 in - i came a bit. There really is a reason why this is such a classic combination!

Plexi - Gibson
(first part: without Master, lower volume - second part: with Master, higher volume - third part: with Master, lower volume. on all parts, gain settings are controlled with the guitars vol-pot)

Plexi - Cimar Strat

Diezel Herbert

Well, my amp, and i am still in love with it since the day i first played it. But the rearloaded V30 cab is not a good match for it, so these clips are not really NEAR its full capacities - but you might get an idea of it, also if you compare the clips to the other amps, you can hear how CLEAN the tone of the Herbert is, comapred to the dirtyness of a Marshall this is almost CD-production tone tight out of the 412 hahaha...but i can see that many wont like that. i do like that of course.

Diezel Herbert + JEM

in this clip all channels are used, Channel 2 only in "-" (minus) setting, then gain rolled back with volume-pot of guitar.

And as Dobse (the amp-building guy) has a faible for the Herbert since he started to build amps, he was excited to play once again on one. Sir Dobernig, would you please deliver BR00TAL SCENECORE?

D00bernig crabwalks Herbert with LTD EC


this is CH2 in +

next one!

Dobernig Elisabeth

this is the small 5W amp without headshell, you can see it on the pics sitting on the Hoss Plexi. Dobse started this one as a 5W, one channel, clean-to-crunch amp, than added more and more gain, changed the gain-structure, than changed the overall sound, than added a second channel...well, meanwhile this is the i think 25th revision of this amp, the Power-Amp still sucks and is only there for trying out the preamp, as he plans on putting the preamp into a 100W amp - so we tested it with the Powerstage of the Herbert! I played this amp already a few times, like 3 different versions of it, this time it really sounds awesome already - altough the Herberts Power Amp was a bit TOO much overall - in the designing stage, he had a different Poweramp (a common 6L6 100W stage) for testing and sound-shaping, so the preamp, especcially in high gain settings delivery ultimate low-end already, together with the Diezel Poweramp, we almost crashed the Framus Cab. :D i took back the Deep knob on the Herbert to just a bit above zero.

Dobernig Eli - Ch2 - Herbert power - LTD EC

Dobernig Eli - Herbert power - JEM - CH1 + CH2

Mesa Dual Rectifier

Took out of the case, plugged in, lold, and put it back in the case.

just kidding: it does what it does, everyone knows it, but comapred to the other stuff it just wasnt exciting, so we didnt waste time with it.

Austrovox Bass 100

Austrovox was an austrian (orly? :lol: ) brand, done by the guy who is the main-distributor for Ibanez (and some others), but discontinued somewhen in the 80s. And no, they are NOT Vox clones, but rather based on Plexis soundwise, but with a different schematic, which is kinda in between a Bassman and a Plexi, and soemthing completely unique...well, in the end it sounds like a hot Plexi. Pure Rocknroll sound right outta the box!

soundclip with Gibson R9 HERE, second part with DIY Tubescreamer in front.

Fender Bassman

No clips, as the vintage tubes died 20 seconds after start. :spock: :lol:

Epiphone Valve Jr

I dont know what he exactly moded, or better: which modidifcations are currently done, as some were undone/redone/... - what i can say is, that altough this amp is one of the cheapest tube amps around, with a few modifications it really sounds good. This one is getting a new output transformer for the next session, which - according to the others - really opens up the amp more!

Clip is done with the Ibby JEM, part 2 with DIY Tubescreamer, part 3 with Box Of Rocks Clone: clickedy-click!

Thats all for today, again: sorry for the clipping noisy clips - we will redo that evening, and better clips will come! :metal:

EDIT: on this pic, one can see the beauty of the Gibson much better:


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Nice pics. Vintage guitars and vintage amps are always fun to play through. Especially ones with nice creamy smooth tone. :cool:

Lots of nice stuff in that room. :yesway:

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due to the lack of an original SLO we couldnt A/B, but i dont even care how close it is, as his clone sounds nothing but amazing!
Isn't that really all that matters?

Man, that looked like a fun time. :yesway:

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Man, that looks like a blast! I'm all curious about these austrovox's now.

Who lent you guys the venue?

crying in your beer
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Isn't that really all that matters?
it is!

Who lent you guys the venue?
its our rehearsal room. :) i dont have to state that we are pretty satisfied with it. :D the guy owning it uses the cellar of his parents' carpentery as a event-location, they have a complete stage, full PA, bar etc.etc. in it - but as there are no parties during the week, they rent it as rehearsal-rooms, we share it with 2 other bands, all from my area, and we know each other all pretty well - so there are no "hell, who broke my amp?"-issues and stuff. also, as the owners have much expensive gear in it themselves, they lock it up well, have alarm system, its all insured...pretty much the best rehearsal room i've ever had!

@Austrovox: The "fun" fact here: my stepfather had an Austrovox "De Luxe 100" for years, and when my parents divorced he gave it to me - unfortuneately it was propably the most fucked up thing you would ever see, his words were "i borrowed it to a friend, and he thought it had a built-in speaker...well there WAS some sound coming out, but nothing good...oh, and the smoke and smell of fried electronics..." - you can imagine what the "issue" here was, i had this now at home for ~15 years, i once opened it, and man - EVERYTHING was fried in it. Few weeks ago, i gave it to Stefan (Dobernig) as a "present", he is all into old dead amps ( :lol ), maybe he could get something out of it (tubes were interestingly enough still good!).
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