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One of my clients just bought out (another) company. They decided they want to include the new company in with their google adwords marketing campaign, so I will need ftp access to New company's site in order to work on landing pages (till they get a redesign and moved to one of my boxes.)

I get a hold of their HR dept guy that is supposed to have the login info - he doesnt have it so I call tech support for their website host looking for their account manager.

Tech guy said "Ahh no problem I can give you the ftp username and password". I was a bit gobsmacked I mean he didn't even ask me who I was or what company I worked for. He asked me for the sites mailing addy (which I got off of their website) and that was it....

Basically I could have been some schmuck cold calling & fishing for passwords and would have had no problem at all getting them...

This same host actually hosted another one of my clients sites and their content management system they developed for them didn't have any kind of user authentication.... (basically if you could find the CMS directory you could make changes to their website....) :rofl:

Sometimes its like it is still 1995 on the interwebs.......:nuts:
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