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Yeah, since the last one, I've now got 21 tracks (2 of them waiting to be uploaded) in their pretty much completed form (minus proper EQing, which will be happening after christmas or in the new year).

I've also got a working narrative for the tracks so far which is just below for anyone interested.

Music page of Daemoniac - MP3 music page on SoundClick

The Tale:

Track 1: Azrael's Awakening

A groggy Azrael awakes, exhausted, to find his body torn and crucified in a ring of trees. Disgusted and in pain, he tries to regain his thoughts.

Track 2: The Aftermath of Azrael's Crucifixion

As his head begins to clear, memories of the previous nights' butchery begin flooding back. Leering visions of baying, tongueless fiends, creatures jeering and goading him. Blasphemous amalgams of man and machine assault him from every direction, slashing at him with cruel blades and hammering the nails into his hands. Too much for him to bear, Azrael begins to fall into despair.

Track 3: Azrael's Admission; Defeat & Despair

Left crying and alone with the visions still assaulting his every sense, Azrael gives into despair and his defeat.

Track 4: Upheaval & Tattered Minds

A spark of life lingers, and his mind awakes again. Azrael forces himself to pull free of the filth-encrusted nails holding him against the cross, and, his body freed, he falls to the cherry earth beneath him. Freed from the cross, he weeps.

Track 5: The Rage Escapes

Fallen amongst his own crimson life, Azrael's despair turns to rage. Cradling his broken hands, he arches his back and lets out a scream of agony, of rage and of despair to the star studded blanket of night. His primal screech splits the sky asunder, the trees withering and dying and the earth itself cracking apart at the death throes of his sanity as his vision intensified.

Track 6: Sanity's Eclipse; Cackling With The Forest

The fury coursed through him now, feeding his inhuman strength and the forest was filled with his cackling laughter. It heard his madness and it responded in kind, its own shadows flitting before his eyes and joining in his enmity. The forest shouted with him, sharing his disgust for the factory-spawn that had ruined his body and left his mind in tatters, but all was quiet...

Track 7: Fractured Mind & Sleep

The last vestiges of his sanity gone, Azrael's shattered mind falls into exhausted sleep, his visions and his memories becoming one in his fragmented dreams.

Track 8: Memory Lane I; The Early Days of St. Michaels Guard

As he sleeps, Azraels mind falls back on his first memories, and he begins his life again. Heading back to the earliest days in the 7th Citadel and his adulation of the St. Michael's Guard.

Track 9: Memory Lane II; A Boy In Awe, Watching The Guard Train

Azrael's dreams lead him back to his first memories of the Guard, watching them train from above on a rocky crag as a young child. From there he sits in awe, admiring the finesse and power of his disturbing idols.

Track 10: Memory Lane III; A Saviour Rises, The Killer Seen

From his hidden alcove on the crag, Azrael spots the filth encrusted barrel of a rifle. Furious and scared, he freezes, unsure of what action to take as time runs short.

Track 11: Memory Lane IV; Azrael's Rage

In a split second, Azrael becomes blind with rage. Though nobody is entirely sure what happened, the Guard are disturbed in their silent training by a blood curdling scream, and an enraged roar.

Track 12: Memory Lane V; The Saviour; Blood Stained & Pure

After the blood-curdling cry, the now-still St. Michaels Guard below turn their gaze upward to Azraels once hidden Alcove. What they witness is the young boy, barely 10 years of age, blood stained with the corpse of their would-be-killer in one hand and the putrescent rifle in his other. He bears both aloft for the world to see, as a rage-fuelled snarl passes his lips.

Track 13: Memory Lane VI; The Salmon Haired Stranger

As the conglomeration of St. Michaels Guard stare up, dumbfounded, a clap resounds about the courtyard and a tall, lithe man with salmon hair walks from the entrance to the chamber, eying Azrael from behind his mask as he does. The guard part to allow him to the fore and, with a gesture, beckons Azrael join him in the yard.

Track 14: Memory Lane VII; Bezaleel

As the blood-soaked child makes his way down to the entrance, all manner of politicians, warriors and prophets join the masked man. When Azrael arrives, the man removes his mask, revealing a surprisingly youthful face plastered with tattoos of his God, and thanks Azrael. This is Bezaleel, commander and lord of the St. Michaels Guard, and they are all in Azrael's debt. Were it not for him, he tells Azrael, they would at that moment have instead been mourning the ignominious demise of their own, fallen to a bullet of heresy.

A cheer resounds around the chamber, and a smile creeps onto the boys face, still somewhat unsure of exactly what he had done...

Track 15: Memory Lane VIII; The Prodigal Adept

Knowing the potential he has to wreak havoc on his enemies, making a bloody example of each and every one, Bezaleel offers him something unheard of in hundreds of years; A place in the St. Michaels Guard. Coming from years living in the gutter, Azrael more than eagerly accepts his new family, and finds an immediate sense of purpose in his position.

Track 16: Reality Flux; The Memories Blur

The bloody Azrael stirs in his unrest and his memories begin to shift and warp. Elements of the past fusing with disturbed shards of his own fragmented imagination to create new, infinitely less forgiving visions.

Track 17: Memory Lane IX; The Inauguration As It Wasn't (Pt.1)

Twisting and turning in his sleep, his mind returns to the now-blended past of his inauguration into the militant order of the St. Michaels Guard. Led from the theatre, a darkly radiant Bezaleel leads young Azrael to the heart of the 7th Citadel; The Chapel of St. Michael Ascendant for his ritual inauguration into the order.

They travel through twisted alleys of machine and flesh, images of the Lord God watching down through the noxious gas of industry over his people, marble statuettes of Angels watching their every move.

This section of the Citadel had always made Azrael extremely happy... something he did not now feel, revisiting this distorted section of his past.

Track 18: Memory Lane IX; The Inauguration As It Wasn't (Pt.2)

The radiant Bezaleel leads Azrael through a maze of tunnels and corridors within The Chapel, ever downward to the central chambers. As he lives through what were once his most treasured memories, Azrael instead finds himself scared and disgusted... The tunnels heave and breathe with his steps, the metal grates curving under his step and the walls seem to perspire and rust, creaking with every moment of movement.

Bezaleel, Azrael's new family and that powerful, lithe leader of his idols was a shifting mass of tattooed iconography; patterns writhing and contorting around his body while his emerald eyes seemed to blaze with an unearthly power.

Azrael shivered in his sleep, cowering before the shadows and the twisted citadel surrounding him, but he did not stop.

Track 19: Memory Lane IX; The Inauguration As It Wasn't (Pt.3)

As his paranoia begins to grow unbearable and claustrophobia sets in, the pair finally emerge to the central arena; the setting for Azrael's ascension. While his claustrophobia dissipates, his paranoia grows tenfold as he looks up to witness this most "holy" of places.

Gone is the metal of the outside, not a hint of rust nor iron, nor metals of any kind. Instead is a room of the whitest marble; effigies of Angels and Demons set about the room locked in an everlasting struggle. Above sat yet more angels, witnessing the death and destruction below.

As he stared, the angels changed... their faces twitched and contorted between the wrath of their God and fearful subservience. Blood streaked their faces one moment, then disappeared the next, and all the while a hymn played in the back of Azraels mind.

This was all wrong.

Dream Crusher
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Sounds like someone took a pseudo-biblical story and wove in a LOT of Warhammer 40k themes and atmosphere :lol:

Knowing you, this likely isn't far from the truth :D

Can't wait to hear it.

Resident Rivethead.
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Sounds like someone took a pseudo-biblical story and wove in a LOT of Warhammer 40k themes and atmosphere :lol:
;) :lol:

Pretty much what I was aiming for; disturbing atmosphere and a degree of story that people can relate to in one sense or another.

Got 21 tracks so far now though, only another 40 or so to go...

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Checked out some of the tunes on the sound click page....sounds pretty sweet man! It's way different from what I'm used to, which is totally bitchin, considering I've been looking for something different. Congrats! Can't wait to hear more :yesway:
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