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I signed up for the jet city email and got a mail from a new Cab company WhiteBox Engineering

On September 7th - just two weeks from today - we're launching a new company, and we'd be happy for you to check us out.

We're building high-quality Guitar and Bass cabinets by hand, in the middle of America. You can order from our Designer Series, or visit the Custom Shop where you can choose your tolex color, grill style, and speakers, featuring the full range of Eminence Speakers.

We've made guitar and bass products for some of the biggest and best companies in the industry, and now we're ready to build your next cabinet just the way YOU want it.

For more information and photos, find us online:

For more info please email to [email protected]

The website and store might launch for browsing a few days early:

White Box - Coming Soon

Our 2x12 guitar cabinet was designed in England and built in America from top-quality components. We loaded it with one Eminence Legend 1258 for vintage vibe with nice upper mids and chimey highs, and one Legend GB128 with round, punchy low end.

looks interesting - their site isnt up yet ....

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I wonder if the name is intentional irony...
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