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Yep, this article is fail. The contradictory "economics" made me laugh a little.

1) How does a FALL in the demand for concerts lead to RISING prices?

2) Wouldn't the recession affect CD sales anyway as well as concert tickets? If the consumers have less money, they have to spend less on SOMETHING no matter what. And the recession would cause ticket prices to be LOWER than they would be otherwise, so I'm not sure why he even mentioned it in an article about the exact opposite.

3) One theory that could explain a rise in ticket prices is this: since people AREN'T spending nearly as much money on CDs, they will have more to spend on tickets/merch than they would otherwise. This would represent a shift in consumer demand away from CD's and towards live shows (makes sense since CDs are no longer required to enjoy music). In other words, the price hikes are perfectly justified and reflect the demand of the fans. Why is this inherently bad or undesirable? People are voluntarily choosing to pay less for CDs and more for tickets, and hopefully the extra ticket revenues are going to the artist.
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