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Recently acquired these in a guitar I bought. I yanked them out before I actually had a chance to try them through and amp, so you'll have to ask Chris (jacksonplayer) if you want to know what they sound like. Wilkinson touts them as the closest thing to a PAF possible, Wilkinson Guitar Parts.

In terms of references I have numerous references selling guitars on HC,Sevenstring, and Metalguitarist, you can check my itrader feedback on the last two here:

Sevenstring iTrader: - iTrader - Rogueleader

Metalguitarist iTrader: (You have to be a member to view)

I also have 100% feedback under the name supernaut88 on ebay.

Ebay Feedback: eBay Feedback Profile for supernaut88

If you have any questions or would like some specific pictures taken PM me here or email me at [email protected]
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