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I don't care for it, and it sounds like ground well trodden. However, it is well executed and produced, and the lyrics are definitely from the heart.

Having said that, that poor guy is never going to catch a break. If he does something in a completely different style from his father, then people will bitch that he falls short. If he does stuff like his dad, then people will accuse him of cashing in. Anything other than shredding, and he doesn't have dad's chops. He shreds, and it will be he's all chops and no feel. I can't imagine anything worse as a musician than being the child of a legend and icon who transformed the way people approach music.
Dude, the shit he gets on Twitter is mind blowing. It blows me away that people who claim to be hardcore VH fans would go after Ed's own kid like they do, but man, they're fucking brutal on there. Just 3 days ago some fucktard posted this to his feed-

"Still leaching off your father's name I see. You talentless fucking hack. Leave the band and give your spot back to it's rightful owner you lowlife cunt."

Couple weeks ago-

"Hey dog, or whatever a wolf is, STFU. Your Mom and Dad were the stars. Your just someone who stole Michael Anthony's job. Now, stay silent, and be a good boy. No one cares what YOU have to say about anything. Unless it's cake, tell me what cake you love. STFU"


"@WolfVanHalen your an idiot. Saying a reunion is "hurting my family" is crybaby bs. The fans want Van Hagar or Van Dave, not you. STFU douchebag!! You will never have as much talent as even one of Valerie's late ex-husbands guitar picks!"

I tried leaving in all the spelling and grammatical errors, but my iPad autocorrects most of them. Really foul shit, especially after the guy's fuckin' father died. And those are just the one's Wolf's responded to, I'm sure there are plenty more that go unnoticed. He takes them in stride and trolls the shit out of those people, then you generally get a good amount of people backing Wolf up and tearing the assholes apart.

But yeah, he's facing an uphill battle. Hopefully the album stands on it's own two feet enough that people forget his last name and treat the music for what it is.
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