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World's Greatest Dad

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So, I wasn't extremely interested in seeing this movie, though it looked decent enough, it wasn't advertised all that well. After seeing it, I can understand why the trailers wouldn't want to give too much away. What got my curiosity going was actually the T-Shirt Hell guy :lol: He had a theory about the plot that interested me (I'll put it in spoiler tags so it won't spoil anything :lol: ).

He posted on facebook his theory that this movie was about Kurt Cobain, after seeing it (and an interview clip with writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait), it definitely is a little bit about Kurt, but not biographically (as the T-shirt Hell guy was thinking). It's moreso about people who are treated differently after their deaths. Also, there's a cameo from Krist Novoselic :lol:

At any rate, this movie really surprised me. Very good movie, very well written, with a few genuinely funny moments, though overall darker than you'd expect. Robin Williams is excellent as he usually is in quirky/dark/serious roles. No goofiness at all in this movie.

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