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altough again: they keep their (younger) tradition to publish (propably) one of the weakest songs in advance. Last record: Benjamin Breeg also turned out (for me) as the weakest song, same as "Wildest Dreams" on Dance Of Death...

Dont get me wrong: I love Maiden more than everything else, and also i already realy like the new song - its not one of the greatest, but the first real chorus (2:55) really made me smile and gave me the first little goosebumps. :metal:

Cant wait for the new record, and seeing the tracklist and the track-lengths...this will be epic. Its almost twice as long as any of the 80s records haha...

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So, now that I've listened to it... the chorus is ok, the first solo is pretty cool, the rest of the 5.5 minutes stinks.

I'll still buy the album, as I'm an IM sucker.
Atleast one of the singles they've released on all the post 2000 albums has been a weaker more rockish track.

-Wicker Man
-Wildest Dreams
-Different World

So if this is trend continues I'd say the rest of the record is gonna be really kick ass. Brave New World is one of my favorite maiden albums period (although nowhere near SSOASS) and I think this is gonna be closer in style to it than dance of death or a matter of life and death.

And I can totally relate about being an iron maiden sucker. I've probably spent a good deal over $700 on CDs, shirts, and tickets.
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