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Here's my attempt at emulating one of my favorite metal guitarists, Randy Rhoads..

I've created a lick that I thought I'd make a youtube video/lesson about and was wondering if you'd be so kind as to check it out

Oh, and as a pseudo youtuber, please feel obligated to subscribe!!
haha kidding...but it would be cool:yesway:


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Sorry, for the late reply...only just sat down to watch this.

Nice lick, but I'd try and work your vibrato a bit more. Those sorts of flashy pentatonic licks really need a wide, smooth vibrato on the final bend to sell them. Otherwise good stuff.:)

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It's pretty cool. Kudos for doing it.

I would make the following points; record the guitar better. If you can record your voice better, do that too. But you'll need a separate mic for that. But you should be able to get a better guitar sound than that.

Secondly, the lick is quite a long and complex one. It has clear patterns within it, a logic, if you will. Rather than listing every note in one long unbreaking sequence whilst playing it slowly*, break it down to its constituent parts. Explain how you think of it as one three string phrase ascending one string at a time. It makes it more digestible.

But like I said, kudos for doing it. It's this sort of thing that is really the brilliance and delight of YouTube.

*Is it just me; the sound of someone playing a lick very slowly and calling out the corresponding fret positions in an invariably monotonous voice, is it very unplesant in a very sublime way?
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