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I miss you Avalanche
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Ok, so locally here in Detroit, there's a venue called Harpos. It's been around forever, its in a shitty neighborhood in Detroit, and basically every major metal band has come through there. Hell, Slipknot will constantly mention "Who remembers the old days when we played shitholes like Harpos" :lol:

Anyways, so Type-O-Negative is playing there on Halloween, so I'm looking for a local band to buy tickets from... so I'm scoping their MySpace:

MySpace - HARPOS CONCERT THEATRE - 70 - Male - DETROIT, Michigan -

And there's a bunch of videos on the page that I have to scroll down past... but then one caught my eye... the last video... entitled "Raining Blood"...

... Mike, Dave, James... look familiar? :rofl:

(The ironically funny part is... this video was taken @ Oade's Hidden Camel in Lansing, MI. Not only that, but Justdefy has NEVER played @ Harpos, and never will, because they're a "pay to play" venue. You have to buy $1500 in tickets, and only if you sell enuff tix do you make your money back. F-that shit. But somehow our video made it onto their MySpace. Go Figure)
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