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Wraps for lunch.

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For the past two weeks I've been getting tortillas, meats, and cheeses at the grocery store and making wraps for lunch. It's saving me money, it's fucking delicious, and it's probably a lot better for me than getting fast food or gas station food.

Today I'm eating a wrap with a whole grain tortilla, sliced honey ham and turkey, pepperoni, pepperjack cheese, and some miracle whip. :yum:

I spent $40 this week on lunch foods and it will probably last me two weeks or more. These ingredients are versatile is hell too! This morning I took one tortilla, some provolone cheese, and some pepperoni and made a quesadilla :lol:
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Snag yourself some hummus and spice 'em up. :yesway:

Wraps are pure win.
That's a terrific idea :yum:
Try some vegetation in there. Some pickled hot peppers would be great in there.
Instead of a tortilla wrap, try a leaf of lettuce. I love those fucking things, used to bring them every day.
I take a half of a pork loin chop and a small bit of steak, slice em see through thin, hit em on a grill for like 10 seconds a side, and lay em in the middle of a tortilla, hit em with either hummus (Im tempted to try this guacamole hummus from Trader Joes) or Spinach Artichoke dip, sneak in some extra super sharp white cheddar (shredded of course), some horseraddish, and call it good. stash int he fridge for up to 4 days, and nukrowave it at work, and WHAMBLAMKACHAM! LUNCK
Snag yourself some hummus and spice 'em up. :yesway:

We do lots of wraps for lunch, and here's what I do.

I start out with one of these. For 80 calories, it has 12 grams of fiber and 8 grams protein.

I put some hummus and taboili on it, then I add grilled chicken breast, raw brocolli, raw diced carrots, peanut sauce, and hot sauce.

I will switch it up and sometimes put jalepenos, banana peppers, spinach, rice, etc., but pretty much this same style, and they are awesome.

I much prefer sandwiches in soft tortillas now instead of bread. I love bread, but i like wraps better... it makes for a slightly lighter lunch.
I'd interchange the wrap with a pita pocket or flat bread from time to time too :yesway:
Another thing to try, especially if you can snag chicken breasts at like $1.99 a pound on sale or something, is to try this with grilled chicken or grilled steak tips or something. I'll occasionally do Caesar wraps with lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, and ceasar dressing. Tasty as hell.

Also, hummus makes most things better. I'm addicted to this:

Tribe Hummus with 40 Spices. SO tasty. :D
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You heathens need to make homemade hummus. :squint:
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There are some really good ideas in here! Ill have to try all of these out.

I agree Darren, I vastly prefer the tortilla over sliced bread.
I had a chicken caesar wrap for lunch today, sans dressing.

My buddy and I walked into this place not knowing what the fuck it was because we were in Orlando, and it turned out to be, well, a pleasant surprise to say the least! I had to have a glass of scotch.

You heathens need to make homemade hummus. :squint:
Oh, I do. Lots of garlic and tahini. It's great. Sometimes the store-bought stuff is easy for quick stuff, though.
Toss the tortillas and make some pita bread.

Also, hummus makes most things better. I'm addicted to this:

Tribe Hummus with 40 Spices. SO tasty. :D
Impulse purchased last night. Awesome with some ham and salami. :yesway:
Chicken Caesar wraps rule
Southwest Chicken wraps rule
turkey avocado wraps rule

(i worked as a chef lol)

Here's ideas and ingredients for those i named.

Turkey AV wrap
1) Turkey, avocado, romaine, spring mix, honey mustard, sprouts, on a toasted wheat wrap

SW wrap
2) grilled chicken, romaine and spring mix, lil diced tomato action, some seasoned corn, tortilla strips, diced cucumbers, and a nice covering a chipotle ranch sauce.

Caesar wrap
3) romaine, Caesar (not craft, the good shit) shredded parmesan cheese, grilled chicken, and maybe some toast chips in replace of croutons
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Gyro's rule too

hummus covered Pita, fresh roasted lamb, some fresh romaine and diced tomatoes...Mmmm yes
Lo and behold, I had a wrap for lunch. Nothing fancy; turkey, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado.
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