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First, some links:
Wulffson Customs | MySpace
Gutierrez Guitars (Brent Gutierrez) | MySpace
Wulffson Customs - Guitars Custom Built To Your Order
Rig-Talk • View forum - Gutierrez Guitars
Pictures by gunslinger1970 - Photobucket

Then, anyone have any experience with these guys? I have to say I really dig Gutierrez' neck-thru strats. I love how he got the 24 fret neck to work with the Strat shape.

I'm all over the place over what I want for my neck custom. I've been using a Giffin superstrat since 2002. Want to talk GAS? I've never even touched another guitar since I got Federica.

But, I've decided to sell some gear, because I never use it, as I only play scalloped neck guitars. (well, just 1 special guitar). So, I'm thinking either a 24 fret neck thru strat to pay tribute to Uli Jon Roth and the cream Strat with 23 frets he used with Scorpions or a monster 8 string version of that same guitar, tuned either B-A or B-A# (in 4ths.)

In a perfect world, I'd get both.

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I really like Federica... that's pretty much my favorite specs right there. Gorgeous too!
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