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Xentrix - "Bury the Pain"

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I was hoping this would be a little better, the vocals on some parts I really don't like, but it has a lot of good parts. Actually came out quite a bit earlier this year but just now getting around to listening to it. Probably the best track on there.

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I love this record. The vocals are a bit "for-the-sake-of-it", if that makes sense, basically sticking to a formula because that's what old Xentrix did rather than improving, but I don't mind it so much. Just generally some killer, well-written, no-frills thrash metal. I don't get nearly as much of that as I want these days.
This is really good, I haven't liked many thrash records lately.

Not to totally hijack the thread, but this is a great thrash record if you need something.
Thanks for reminding me of that record! I gave it a listen a couple months ago but hadn't come back around to giving it another spin. Any thrash album that features actual singing is alright with me. :yesway:
Lots of very solid comeback albums recently: This, Possessed, Exhorder....
Lots of very solid comeback albums recently: This, Possessed, Exhorder....
I've background listened to the new Possessed already, but not intently.

Fucking hated the vocals on the new Exhorder, too rap rock.

Protector also did a really trve "2019 comeback" album. Wasn't the greatest thing in the history of thrash, but it was pretty cool.

The new vocalist is a friend of mine, his other band and my old band did quite a few short run dates around the UK (was chuffed to see him wearing one of our shirts at Bloodstock this year).

Far as I know this is his first vocal gig, he was previously playing guitar for Blaze Bayley and his other band Bullriff Stampede have been round a good few years too.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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