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You guys need to try this ASAP

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Three bandages, it has helped my alternate picking tremendously.

I cant even describe how happy i am right now because i am breaking so much new ground i have been trying to break for years.

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Please extrapolate.
Please extrapolate.
Basically i just line the pick up with my thumb nail (my natural holding position)

Alternate picking with out having to really hold the pick down (place my index finger right under the pick) is so much more effortless.
He appears to have taped the pick to his thumb.
Why not just...

Didnt even know about it, haha.

And i thought this was ground break :rofl:
Yeah, google "thumb pick", there's a lot of different styles and options. Jam Kat for the Right Hand Size: Small: Musical Instruments

Hmm this looks like the same thing, but minus the bandages.
I though Chris Broderick had his own guitar pick he invented?

Any way i am going to order these to try them out, thanks for the link!
Thats pretty impressive, i went out to the store and bought first aid tape (seems to be working better)

So far im really happy with using tape, ill see how the pick holders work when they come in the mail.
and thatsa kinda wierd. But you want to now play like a fingerstyle. HEY NO PROBALEAM! Here is new JENS LAURENZ picking teckanique!

that was awesome :lol:
I don't see this technique being particularly good for metal. How are you going to go the kind of tight riffing of, say, Raining Blood with the tight ferocity it needs? Also, the alternate picking parts were very sloppy, and, with the range of motion required by the hand to get a decent pick attack, I can't imagine having a degree of control over the dynamics and articulation/attack with that part of the finger. Not a degree that compares with a more traditional grip.

This might be useful for those who do so much switching between finger picking and plectrum that it becomes economical and worth the trade off. Perhaps some people can take the approach and play just as well and reap benefits from it. I'm definitely neither of those, though. And I'd guess most metal players wouldn't, either.
Agreed, the "Hey, no problem Jan Laurenz technique" looks like a bad idea. Tons of players use a thumb pick and fingers, or regular flat pick and fingers (especially country players)
Homeboy needs to cut his fingernails. :puke:

I know fingerstyle guys like to grow their nails out, but fuck man, I could never do that, it just looks nasty. I cut mine every 2 days or so. :lol:
Ani Difranco used to use black electrical tape to hold on her finger picks.

I though Chris Broderick had his own guitar pick he invented?

Any way i am going to order these to try them out, thanks for the link!
Chris melts a Jazz III onto a thumb pick. Or at least he used to I am not sure if somebody makes something for him now or not.
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