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You know what? I like Kevin Costner.

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As a follow on from this thread: I have to say, I've never understood the dislike for Kevin Costner, and I do in fact like quite a lot of his films. Sure, he's had some absolute turkeys, but he's also had some greats under his belt too, and I think it's unfortunate that people only seem to focus on his disasters.

I mean, take The Untouchables for example, or Dances With Wolves, or Wyatt Earp, which granted doesn't hold a candle to Tombstone, but is still a good film in it's own right and Costner is damned good in it. He was excellent in Clint Eastwood's A Perfect World, and Oliver Stone's JFK. As a director, he's pretty damned excellent as well, considering Open Range was just about the best western in the last 10 years. And I even thought he was quite excellent in his turn as a serial killer in Mr. Brooks. I'm not denying he's had stinkers, although I'll gladly watch Waterworld for the cheese-fest it is, it's still a pretty awful film, but I don't think the guy gets enough credit for the good films he's done.

Maybe I'm alone here, but anyone else agree with me that Kevin Costner is actually quite a decent actor and has some very good films under his belt?
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I think he is a pretty damn wooden actor who has gotten lucky a few times. When he has to stand on his own, he fails miserably.
His problem is he basically made the same movie four or five times.

Dances with Wolves
Water World
The Post Man

What else am I missing? Sort of the post apocalyptic one rugged man takes on everything genre?

Field of Dreams was pretty damned good, but it also was pretty reminiscent in feel to, oh, everything else he'd already done.

He's like the Yngwie of acting, really. Great, as long as you don't compare any of his films to any other of his films.
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Dances with wolves was a post apocalyptic one rugged man takes on everything huh? :lol:
I mean, not EXACTLY, but one white man in the unsettled virgin American west. We're splitting hairs. :lol:
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