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Response to review

Dear Sir,
I read your blog on Metalguitarist reviewing the YouRockGuitar and was confused. Most of the points you made were favorable to the YRG and yet, at the end, your blog seems to turn into a commercial for a product that doesn't yet exist. Apparently,your main objection to the YRG is string sensitivity, despite that you note the availability of methods for sensitivity adjustment.

New software updates are available for the YRG and will be web accessible soon. Perhaps you would like to try these and contribute your thoughts? We at Inspired Instruments are responding to customer feedback to improve the products. We would ask to enlist your aid. Please call me and maybe you can Beta test for us.

Bt the way, for your readers, the YouRockGuitar is available and shipping now with onboard sounds, sensitivity adjustments, a headphone amplifier, detachable neck, and more connectivity than an octopus with a glue gun.

Bruce at Inspired Instruments
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