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Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Selling my beloved Zilla Fatboy 2x12 cabinet just for teh moneyz, I know I'll regret this since it sounds so amazing and it's the very best cab I've ever played, but anyway :(
It has a Celestion V30 on the left and a Celestion G12-K100 on the right. Perfect blend for tightness in the low end but with lots of musicality and very pleasing mids and highs. For more details, check my NGD thread here

Aesthetically, it has black leather corners, white piping, basket weave grill cloth and "wine taurus" tolex. It's in perfect condition, I've had this since late May so it's practically new.

You can run it in mono 4ohm or stereo 8ohm.

Location: I live in Udine, Italy.

Contact Info: francesco.filigoi AT

References: user "rompiballe87" on ebay, feedback 100% positive. Some selling/trading on here, jemsite, talkbass and petrucciforum too.

Price: selling it for 369 EUROS.


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